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gakuen alice vol 21 cover

what a lovely pic

natsume's so cute
looks a lot like youichi

New mikan pic

Another kawaii pic of mikan that came out with hana to yume 11th issue

can't wait to see a bigger preview

it came out on may 1st
ps:found this pic on higuchi's blog

Hana to Yume's new cover

i guess its the "valentines day special" cover
super kawaiii
a sweet pic of natsume X mikan

ps: unfortunately its really small
can't wait to c a bigger pic :)

Gakuen alice vol 20

i didn't expect this :)
i thought it would have been karou oh well
i think she'll be on the next issue's cover
but this one's good too

Hana to yume new cover

its mikan!!!
she's so cute

gakuen alice volume 19 cover

its yukihara!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Hana to Yume cover

i saw this pic on some chinese website
mikan looks so kawaii
and those pretty flowers
and bear looks kawaii too


Gakuen alice volume 18

ahh!!! its yuka XD XD
she's really pretty
althought it would have been better if she had long hair

Gakuen alice vol 17 cover

its Subaru Imai XD
he's handsome
i really want this one XD

cool keyboards